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Where Students Thrive

The students enrolled in the Agape Village Day Program all have some form of disability. Whether it be physical, social, or a cognitive disability, our students all bring to the table different gifts in which God has blessed them with. We have the opportunity to have these young adults continue their post High School education in an environment where they will be challenged and given tools to better prepare them for their future. Our students are growing vocationally, socially, and spiritually as our teachers have created a program that has God’s word at its foundation. Our intention for Agape Village is not only for our students to experience the love of Christ, but also to build upon their skill sets needed to navigate life outside of the classroom. All of our student's families love and follow the Christian faith and want their children to be blessed by this group of teachers who have taken a leap of faith with us and left the traditional school setting. We are making Agape Village Day Program happen together, knowing this door has been opened for a reason.

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